An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind by Keith Maslin PDF

By Keith Maslin

ISBN-10: 0745616887

ISBN-13: 9780745616889

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He trotted beside me as might a dog. We were pals, equals, fellow rebels. I went with him where he could find the first young meadow grass, and he went with me where grew the first wild strawberries. As together we glimpsed, far below, the green ribbon that was the Salmon River, or saw, far off, the snow attempting to cover the sinister blackness of the Buffalo Hump, we laughed at the stupidity of the world of man, who sought to drive things, to compel things, to master things, breeding hate and viciousness thereby; the stupidity of the world of men who never dreamed of the marvellous power of love!

They had been running a week or more in the woods when something happened to show how the mother's mind was changed by her family. Loud rumbling noises were heard not far ahead, and now they were coming near. Mother understood them quite well—the sounds of men approaching. She had long known such sounds in the barnyard days as promise of food, but now she thought of her brood. It might mean danger to them, and she turned about, giving a low "Woof" that somehow struck terror into the hearts of the young ones.

Rich, growing food are nuts, and Foam was busied stuffing himself each day: racing perhaps after butterflies, pretending to root up some big tree, kneeling to swing his head and gash the sod with his growing tusks, springing to his feet to bound a few yards, then halt in a moment, frozen to a statue. Rejoicing in his strength, he grew more strong, and the skating of the final leaves that left the trees found him grown in shank and jaw, lank and light as yet, but framing for a mighty Boar. The tragedy of the broken paling in the fence had opened up a larger life to him.

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