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Fire, the lightest element, is a symbol for radiant energy, flame emitting heat, light and many other frequencies. In man this might be seen as that property which permeates the whole organism and which is so obviously absent in a corpse. It might, in one state, be heat, or in another the Bio-electrical envelope which surrounds the living. It could be thought, or psychological illumination, or even in animals as primitive spirit. It is however discernible as the subtlest materiality present in the physical body.

In a man centred on , his inner Essential Nature every part of his being may be known. Here is the Delphic Oracle in a person. Ask it a real question and it will reply-the simple Truth. This is the voice that speaks occasionally from our own inner depths of space. This is the interior Sun-the Apollo most of the time we dare not face for fear of his penetrating glance. Mercury, the myth says, stole from Apollo; but by divination, that is, by direct perception, the thief was found out. How may be cunning, Netzah distracting with her pleasures as Yesod is with her dreams, but ultimately Tepheret blasts through, if only at the moment before death.

Yet another example of excess use of bountiful power. The position of Hesed on the Tree might well explain the negative aspect of Jupiter. Receiving the Lightning Flash of divine energy from Binah, Jupiter also sits immediately below Hochma and takes in the pure vertical input of masculine energy from above. This Sephira, be it planet or person, if blocked will be charged with such a dynamic that there must be a release or explosion-hence jupiter's profligacy-or in human terms genius, and productivity.

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