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By Richard Alan Jr. Fuhr

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The main to a balanced and exact knowing of the booklet of Ecclesiastes lies within the inter-dependent relationships among the favorite motifs in the publication. An research of the Inter-Dependency of the well-known Motifs in the booklet of Qohelet explores this dynamic. the ultimate consequence of such an technique is a wisdom-based paradigm for dwelling «under the sun», a sensible man’s method of dwelling in a fallen global. Qohelet’s conclusions are two-fold and balanced. First, in mild of the truth that lifestyles is fleeting, dying is inevitable, and one’s destiny lies open air of the area of human keep watch over, the clever will get pleasure from lifestyles as a present from God, spotting that pleasure is eventually a accountability and a mandate positioned upon them. moment, in gentle of the truth that existence is fleeting, loss of life is inevitable, and God’s enigmatic methods in the world are bound to be by means of an equitable destiny judgment, the clever will worry God and preserve his commandments. for this reason, the clever person will take pleasure in lifestyles yet no longer take pleasure in sin, residing every day to its fullest yet in sobriety, figuring out that for all our activities there's a coming judgment. this is often the knowledge of Ecclesiastes.

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2 So far as the prominence of the term is concerned, there is no doubt that the term plays a major role developing the mood, if not the message, of the book. Nevertheless, for such a significant and prominent term, there is a general lack of consensus among scholars regarding the meaning of the term as used in Qohelet. Therefore, any exploration into the role of lbh as a motif must include a survey of common approaches taken by scholars in seeking to define the term as well as a lexical treatment of lbh itself.

58 Ibid. 59 While the character, definition, and importance of the key word lbh will not be examined until chapter 2, suffice it to say that the world, events, and circumstances that are described as lbh are depicting a wide range of meaning including concepts like enigma, absurdity, incomprehensibility, ambiguity, and the general concepts which are depicted in experiential and observable tension. Used adjectivally, I am drawing attention to the world as Qohelet would describe it, a world that is characterized by the tension that he reveals by the text.

89 Various scholars have postulated a number of genre specific theories of authorship to account for the presence of first and third person voices and distinct structural elements such as the prologue and the epilogue in Qohelet. For an excellent survey and assessment of genre specific approaches to the question of multiple “voices” in Qohelet, along with parallels in ANE literature, see Michael V. Fox, A Time to Tear Down, 363–77. See also Michael V. Fox, “Frame-narrative and Composition in the Book of Qohelet,” HUCA 48 (1977): 83–106.

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