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Keeping the introductory style of the now vintage First variation, this revision contains all of the most recent recommendations within the box. New details on equipment of radio tag harnessing, new sections on satellite tv for pc monitoring recommendations and new kinds of info research are all integrated. nonetheless the one complete, updated, advent to this primary method for natural world and behavioral biologists. * a different advisor to the topic* complete insurance of the very most up-to-date suggestions in either terrestrial and satellite tv for pc monitoring* specific, sensible information in tips on how to healthy tags, song animals, resource and evaluation equipments and strategies and examine ensuing information

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A programmable receiver can be used to cycle repeatedly through a number of tag frequencies, recording for the same preset sample period on each. Analogue audio signals may be output to simple recording devices, including chart or tape recorders, or converted to digital format for more sophisticated data-logging equipment (see Chapter 3). With three operating modes of: (i) receiving; (ii) scanning and (iii) logging, three main types of programmable receiver have evolved. The simplest approach is to have a separate memory/scanning module, which may also contain some simple signal logging capability.

This is the case with the mainly urban and evening application of radio microphones. Sharing with military communications has been practical in some countries. Where there is a choice of frequencies, several factors must be taken into account, including antenna efficiency and directional accuracy, habitat effects on signal propagation, and ease of transmitter construction. Antenna dimensions are often expressed as fractions of a wavelength. These may be readily calculated from frequency, since radio waves travel at about 300 X 106 m s", by the formula: ----wavelength (A, in m) == - - - - 300 frequency (jin MHz) For instance, at 150 MHz the wavelength is 2 m.

12. A diesel-engined Landrover, equipped with a horizontal Yagi and repeater compass on a six-meter telescopic mast. The mast is raised by an air-compressor powered by the starter battery. 13. The radiation/reception patterns, in the horizontal plane, for twin six-element Yagi antennas with vertical elements. When the antennas are connected to are receiver in phase (A), the single lobe could have a 3 dB beamwidth of about 50 0 , compared with the 20 0 beamwidth for the null when the antennas are switched out of phase (B).

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