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By Afaf Lutfi Al-Sayyid Marsot

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Автор - профессор истории Ближнего и Среднего Востока Калифорнийского Университета - в своей книге даёт краткий курс истории Египта - от завоевания государства арабами, через эпоху мамлюков, объединение Египта в Османской империи, либеральные эксперименты в конституционном правительстве в начале двадцатого столетия, продолжившиеся в годы Насера и Садата, до настоящего времени, характеризующегося появлением новых политических партий, укреплением исламского фундаментализма и постепенного изменения отношения к женщинам.Образцы сканов:

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Darazi’s theory also shocked the Turkish troops, who besieged the palace along with the population and howled for Darazi’s head. Hakim smuggled Darazi out of the palace and out of Egypt, while coolly facing his citizens and assuring them that Darazi was not in the palace. Darazi fled to Lebanon where he founded the Druze sect in the mountains. Once again Hakim sent his black troops to burn and ravage Fustat in punishment for the insolence of its citizens in questioning his wisdom and that of his vizier.

The shops of the city, also estimated at twenty thousand, were the property of the ruler and represented an annual income of about one and a quarter million dinars. the arab conquest of egypt 21 The city of Fustat, a mile from Cairo, was built on an elevation so that to the Persian it seemed as though the houses were of seven to fourteen storeys. He claimed that some of the buildings were capable of housing 350 people each. Some of the streets were covered and all were lit with lamps. The markets amazed him with the sumptuous goods they contained: pottery so delicate it was translucent; metallic lustre ware (for which the city was famous), which imitated metal and yet was only glazed to look like metal, thereby enabling Muslims to obey the religious injunction not to eat out of silver and gold vessels; exquisite, transparent, green glass.

Under his rule strange laws were passed. For example, shoemakers were forbidden to make shoes for women, who were enjoined not to leave their houses and not to be seen in public. Mulukhiyya (Jew’s mallow), a favourite food among Egyptians, was banned because Muawiya, the founder of the Umayya caliphate, who had caused the downfall of the Prophet’s son-in-law, loved it. Games were forbidden. Beer and wine were poured into the Nile, along with honey. For the first decade of Hakim’s rule minorities enjoyed privileges.

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