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By Maurice S. Friedman

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Drawing on virtually part a century of immersion within the world's nice religions, Friedman takes a dialogical procedure wherein spiritual fact isn't really obvious as exterior creed and shape or as subjective thought, yet because the assembly in openness, presentness, immediacy, and mutuality with final truth. faith has to do with the wholeness of human existence

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They turned it into an intellectual conception, and they said, "Reality is the 'nottwd " and fell into a world of intellectual discrimination between spirit and matter, the one and the many, the not-two and the ten thousand things. They could not get to the reality which is so concrete that it baffles all of our attempts to grasp it by any of these forms of mental categories. As a Zen text puts it, "They take the finger pointing to the moon for the moon itself:' The Zen Buddhist would say the same about Western attempts to identify the absolute, or God, with some particular image of God.

Human life is a vain search for building security. We fruitlessly try to shore it up in every direction, like Kafka's mole who is never done fortifying his hole. Unable to accept her child's death, Kisogatomi went to the Buddha and pleaded, "Bring my child back to life:' Eventually she realized that death is a part of all human existence, and she was able to put her child aside. " He began with the human, with anthropology, rather than with metaphysics or cosmology. This closeness to the concrete is renewed in sophisticated and paradoxical form in Zen-that form of Mahayana Buddhism which grew out of the most abstruse philosophies of "mind only;' "the void;' "suchness;' and the interpenetration of all reality.

The essence of them all is the Absolute that is also the Absolute in us. In the Hindu Upanishads we find a progression from gods who were attached to nature, to gods who were behind nature, to the creative power (prakritl) that runs throughout nature, finally to the conception of an Absolute beyond change, yet somehow lying within, or underlying, or being the reality behind all name and form and change, behind all that we know of objective nature. There is also an inward progress in which what is taken to be the self, the personal self-this body, this name, the person, personality-is unmasked as not being the real self.

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