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By Richard Smith

ISBN-10: 0788505610

ISBN-13: 9780788505614

I've got came upon this Coptic dictionary to be very beneficial in lots of methods. it really is convenient, sensible, and fairly thorough for its dimension. And more uncomplicated at the eyes than Crum's due to a extra sleek typeface.

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P R ^ e e y e m. name •fpcN^ call piKe,peKT-,peK-,peKT^ p^ere 25 p n - v . pnnye pip m. pig p p o , e p o , f. ppcu, epcu, pL ppoDoy p p ^ e i ] m. king, caesar, emperor, t queen f. kingdom, reign MfJrpp o , M R T e p o pppo reign PpHT V. e p H T vow pHc m. south M A p H C m. Upper Egypt p o e i c [ p ^ e i c ] , p H c t be awake, watch', m. guard p c o ) , pi. p c o o y e f. animal pen p AC T e m. tomorrow, the following day p A c o y [ p e c o y e ] t dream p A T ^ [ p c T ^ ] m. foot of (only in compounds, cf.

E ^ e yes Ze - m. time, season ^ e B c o c o N m. famine ZeNoyc^B m. front,beginning Zi^T^ come, go, look, etc. forward, fear, etc. before e&H forward RcjieH infront,formerly, from now on Zx&H, 2 i T e ^ infront,before ^ l e H , 2i^H to, infront,before 2 H , 2 H T ^ f. v. en, e e f. story of a house ^', ^ 1 T ^, 2 thresh, beat, rub ei-v. 1 thus ei€, 2»H, pi. E I H Y V. e»NIE rudder [ e i e j v . e i e then eiH, pi. e i o o Y e f. ^"" occupy oneself converse; m. distraction 47 48 eo [fzo encourage; 2 XX m.

C c D c y T cyocyT object plus v e r b worthy of ii)xy cyHYe cw/, carve; m. carved m. W5e, va/we [(d)T m. pot, jar, gallon, m. destroyer cycoq, cyeq c y q e , cyBe necessary not fitting window q ^ o c y o y , cyjccyoy [cycocyq / / is inappropriate, c y o q ^ , cyHqt be desert, waste, destroy; m. seventy v . c x c y q cyqcji>,cyBCJL> [ c y B c u c D c ] c y q r * * V. c y i B e change measure (^cucyq)] i. myth, tale devastation 46 a>(jDqT cycDqT stumble, o^^qre

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