Hanne von Weissenberg's 4QMMT: Reevaluating the Text, the Function and the Meaning PDF

By Hanne von Weissenberg

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This ebook makes a speciality of the 3rd component to some of the most very important files from the Qumran library, the epilogue of 4QMMT. It re-evaluates the textual foundation for this part, and analyses how the epilogue features as part of the bigger record. as well as addressing the constitution and style of 4QMMT, this quantity analyzes using Scripture within the epilogue with a view to light up the theological time table of the document's author/redactor. even though this book's fundamental concentration is at the epilogue, the result of this research make clear 4QMMT as an entire.

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80 DJD X, 115. INTRODUCTION 21 Wicked Priest (cf. 84 Alternatively, it has been suggested by H. Eshel and Schwartz that the addressee of the document was in fact a Pharisee. According to Schwartz the halakhic section is addressed to a group, and the epilogue is addressed to an individual, apparently a ruler, in some way closely connected with the previously mentioned group. 3. 87 However, since even in the halakhic section, the existence of a clearly definable ‘they’-group is not certain, the identification is somewhat problematic.

Finally, in order to make the results of this chapter more accessible, an alternative arrangement of the composite text is presented with an English translation. It needs to be stressed that I am indebted to the editors of 4QMMT, and the fundamental work done by them in DJD X. In many ways it will remain the starting point of this work, in spite of some critical remarks and a revised version of the composite text of the epilogue. 1. 8 The fragments have been reedited in DJD XXI by Shemaryahu Talmon and Jonathan Ben-Dov.

According to Grossman, 4QMMT can be read and understood both as an extracommunal epistle, as an intracommunal treatise, and as a document-after-the-fact. Grossman has shown how one can postulate one single author, possibly even the Teacher of Righteousness, an individual addressee, and a specific conflict as the historical background of 4QMMT if it is defined as an extracommunal epistle. In this case, the late copies signify the importance of this letter as a foundational document of the group.

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