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By David Regis

ISBN-10: 0953162435

ISBN-13: 9780953162437

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M. ● You can get the whole of the chess on this site as a gzipped tar file [9Mb file, use TAR and GZIP to unpack (WinZip 6. x both unTARs and unGZIPs)]. D. , has information about world chess and links to national federation homepages like the The British Chess Federation who are recently held the The Smith & Williamson British Chess Championships 1998 in Devon at Torquay and in Somerset at Millfield School in 2001 Exeter Chess Home Page Did you know you can play live chess for free on the internet?

KingHowToMate, Endgame Data Bases [Norbert Friedric] King,BB. - KingHowToMate, BCCA, 1996 King,BN. v. m. 1), 1995 fischer - taimanov #4 [B47] bishop [t50]B/N, 1971 euwe - alekhine [t50bishop [t50] BB/BN (3rd matc, bishop ending:, 1937 euwe - alekhine (complete) [t50 [D46] bishop [t50]BB/BN (3rd) net, bishop ending:, 1937 scheltinga - fine [t50bishop [t50] BB/BN (amsterda, bishop ending:, 1936 perlis - baird [t50bishop [t50] BB/BN (barmen), 1905 rubinstein - gajdos [t50bishop [t50] BB/BN (bremen), 1905 bishop [t50] BB/BN (cb), 1995 zagorovsky - bryson [t50bishop [t50] BB/BN (corr), 1994 soultanbieff - flohr [t50bishop [t50] BB/BN (folkesto, bishop ending:, 1933 kasenfuss - fine [t50bishop [t50] BB/BN (kemeri), 1937 bellars - goodman [t50bishop [t50] BB/BN (paignton, bishop ending:, 1977 berger - tchigorin [t50bishop [t50] BB/BN theory I, 1907 tarrasch - rubinstein [t50bishop [t50] BB/BN theory II, bishop ending:, 1912 leonhardt - bernstein [t50bishop [t50] BB/NN theory II, bishop ending:, 1905 tarrasch - rubinstein (san sebastian) [C48] bishop [t50]BB/NN theory II, bishop ending:, 1912 bellers - james [t50bishop [t50] OCB (paignton), 1976 walther - fischer [B99] bishop [t50]OCB as draw, 1960 soesan - bellers [t50bishop [t50] OCB don't alway, bishop ending:, 1976 Capablanca,Jose - Janowsky,Dawid (NY 03) [D15] bishop [t50]same colour, 1916 Menchik,V - Capablanca,JR (Hastings 1930/3 [A47] bishop [t50]same colour, 1996 Tartakower,S - Nimzowitsch Aaron (6) [E22] endgame finesse: Bad Aussee m, Bad Aussee m, 1928 Calvo - Anderssen (Copenhagen) [B15] endgame technique, 1977 Calvo - Anderssen (Copenhagen) [B15] endgame technique, 1977 dvoretsky[t50] blockade KBP vs.

Classica, planning: dynam, 1942 botvinnik,m - donner,jh (amsterdam) [A14] planning: knight outpost, 1965 petrosian - fischer,portoroz [A16] planning: manoeuvring, 1958 capablanca - ragozin (moscow) (KOTOV) [E22] planning: piece positions (com, planning: piece, 1936 petrosian - euwe,zurich [A07] planning: planless play in ope, planning: planl, 1953 botvinnik - chekhover,ussr [E21] planning: strength of doubled, 1938 pope,m - regis,d (march) [A25] planning: wyvill formation, 1978 Lane,PC. - Bartlett,J [E28] doubled c-pawns : Bishops on t, doubled c-pawns, 1995 Debbage,I - Lane,PC.

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